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TEN31 Productions FAQ


TEN31 Productions FAQ: Below are answers to questions frequently asked by people while they are creating their custom TEN31 experience. If you have additional questions, please contact us – we’ll reply within 24hrs – or feel free to get in touch with us directly for a consultation at (401) 725-1031.

Are photographs of the performers allowed?

Absolutely! We love having our photographs taken with event guests. Whether it’s your guests using their own cameras, professional photographers or instant photos printed on location, it’s a great way to incorporate our performances into your event while giving your guests a great memento. Speak to our event coordinators for recommendations for photographers and onsite photo printing services

Do you provide lighting?

We do not currently provide lighting. If you are using lighting at your event, in general we recommend soft white spotlights on our performers. Lighting always enhances an event, so we always recommend having lighting or choosing well lit areas if the event venue is dark.
Speak to our event coordinators for recommendations for lighting companies in your area.

Where do you get your ideas for your costumes?

We draw inspiration from exploring the ancient mythology, historical, and modern times, such as art deco and futurist styles.

After meeting with clients to understand their themes and designs, our creative team creates costumes; that not only meet the client’s needs, but also fits into our current collection and aesthetic.

Where do you get your costumes?

We are proud to say that all our costumes are handmade by local artisans in our workshop.

What type of makeup do you use and how is it applied?

It is a water based hand applied makeup, similar to a liquid cosmetic foundation and cosmetic blush powders. We do not use airbrushing. We bring in all our own mirrors and supplies. Our performers are trained to apply their own makeup.

Can your performers also walk around or change locations?

Most of the performers can walk around or move from one location to a second location.

Some exceptions to the rule are the Fortune Teller Booth, the Living Paintings and the Topiaries which are more stationary. For more on this please contact our event coordinators.

Do the performers arrive alone or are there other staff?

A show producer always accompanies our performers at every event. The show producer is the day of the event contact. The “producer” may also have additional help provided by “support” persons if the show has multiple performers or takes place in a large event venue.

Can your performers hand things out to guests or attendees?

Yes! This is one of our favorite ways to interact with guests. Our performers may hand out a variety of small items such as our fortunes, words of wisdom or riddle scrolls. You may also supply items such as party favors, programs, coupons or promotion materials.

Do your performers require breaks and if so how do they move or get to take their breaks?

Depending upon the circumstances, breaks are required. Performances usually are 1 to 2 hours continuous without a break. Together with our event coordinator, we will develop a break schedule that best suits your needs prior the event.

When do the performers actually get into place for the performance?

Our performers get into place 10 minutes prior to the booked start time.

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