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With one of the largest collections of living art and living statues worldwide, TEN31 is able to create entire party themes. Our theme packages begin with your selection of five or more performers. Below are some collections to get you started in creating quality unique decortainment to bring your vision to life at a package price.


Lights, camera, action! The camera man is ready and it’s time to walk the red carpet, along with your co-stars the Decogoddesses, Award Statues, and famed director, Cecil B. DeMille.

The Living Wine Station

A favorite Latin proverb declares, “Good wine gladdens a person’s heart”.  Guests will certainly agree as their hearts and eyes light up when our Living Wine Gods and Goddesses assist in pouring wine at the most memorable occasions.


The Enchanted Garden

Immerse your guests into a magical landscape inhabited by lovely Fairies and Sprites playing amongst Living Topiaries and Blossom, Birch, and Oak Trees. Enhance the Garden by adding in Living Statues, Butterflies and Dancing Vines.

Untitled 0392


Gods and Goddesses

Transport your guests back in time to a world controlled by powerful deities, emperors and queens now immortalized in White Marble.  Design your individual ancient world and add in Patina or Gold Statues for contrast or include Patina Telamons and Caryatides to create your own living temple, colonnade or circular henge.




Bring Lewis Carroll’s literary classic to life as your guests follow Alice into the wondrous world imagined through the original sketches of John Tenniel. Add in TEN31’s Painted Rose Topiaries and you’ll be sure to attract the Red Queen’s attention.

alice cover cropped


Legends of the Sea

Capture that nautical feel as your guests take an adventurous voyage with Patina and Bronze Living Statues of Pirates, Sea Captains, Neptune and Mermaids into a world of folklore and beauty.



 Museum of Arts and Sciences

Curate your own living museum with Bronze Living Statues; choose from historic figures like Shakespeare, Madame Curie and Alexander Graham Bell. Ten31 offers a countless array of other cultural and historic icons significant for your occasion or liking.


Ten 31 0228

Garden of Asia

Transport your event to the East, to explore a captivating landscape with Living Blossom Trees, China Dolls and The Golden Buddha. Add in Bonsai Trees to expand your magical garden.

Garden of Asia



Part living art/dance installation, part masquerade, part experiential mystery game. Mysterium has guests completely involved in this highly interactive experience. Truly a magical masterpiece that will leave your guests utterly enthralled!




TEN31 Dance Company can design and tailor choreographed performance for your event. With our unique costumes, Metamorphosis can transform your event.


photo credit: Josh Edenbaum Photography and Jen Bonin Photography

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